Phone Readings/Consultations

​Out of town clients & busy people, can take advantage of Miss Tina's Intuitive guidance, with her Phone Readings.
All Phone reading are done by appointment only
Miss Tina offers meditation over the phone & spiritual healing.

So, can a reading over the phone, be as accurate, as a in-person reading? 
Yes it can, A phone reading, is less likely to be influenced by all sorts of info, you can't help, but give away. If you strip away all materialistic things, your left with just energy, your energy. An authentic psychic would quickly tune in & say something that lets you know they have connected to you.

Not ASK YOU any questions..
​There are 2 different readings/consultations that can be done over the phone,

-Tarot Cards $70- 
this is a full life reading, with no time limit & all questions answered.

  -Psychic Intuitive Reading $120-

tunes in to your energy & reveals now & the next 6 months, with no time limit & all questions answered. 

Here's how to do a phone consultation

1st- Choose which reading you would like.
​2nd- Email, Call or Text Miss Tina, with which you would like to receive.
3rd-You will receive a email with your invoice/bill.
Last-​ Once paid, schedule your appointment with Miss Tina, it's that easy.

There is usually a 24 hour notice for phone appointments,

​Phone Readings & Prices